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Mission: Promote paragliding, encourage safe flying.

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APCO Paragliders
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Advance Paragliders
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APCO Paragliders
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查詢 Enquiry: Kenneth, +852 9203 1889, ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

World Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Paragliders, Harnesses, Parachute Reserve Systems, Power Wings and Accessories for the Pilot

APCO provides pilots with a complete range of gliders to choose from. From our time proven school glider Prima 4 to the top peforming DHV-2 glider, the Libra.


Prima 4

Prima was born in the early 1990's. Since then thousands have been delivered, faithfully serving in paragliding schools all over the world.




KARMA out-performs many DHV 1-2 gliders while maintaining DHV 1 security at all speeds. Best of all, the handling is simply excellent, whether on the ground during launch, or thermalling up, racing through the sky and climbing with complete confidence in the strongest and tightest of thermals.

Karma EVO

The KARMA EVO, we feel, is the best beginner glider today for students and new pilots, as well as instructors and we are sure you will find it to be the best choice for you too.

Karma SP

With performance above the Karma and wings weight lighter by almost a kilo,KARMA SP feels fresh, fun and reassuring. Equipped with all new FLEXON battens across the span on L/E, significantly lower line drag, made from new lightweight cloth - KARMA SP is our latest masterpiece for you to appreciate.

Thrust IV

Thrust IV implements all the traditional APCO features - SRS® (Stall Recovery System) as standard, HIT valve, FLEXON batten and now also with ball bearing pulleys on new redesigned 20mm. risers.

Vista III

Our comparison flights prove that the Vista III is at the top of its class, offering the optimal package for intermediate pilots - it is among the best performing wings in its Class.


LIFT is the perfect choice for every pilot who wants to enjoy flying long distances with no stress or is just playing around.


FORCE designed as a high performance, maximum speed range glider, capable of competing with latest generation of reflex wings.

Force SP



The APCO NRG Pro is the ultimate answer to the fast growing, challenging segment of purpose built wings designed for professional slalom racing.


ZEFIRA - APCO’s long awaited reentry into challenging high end EN C Class paragliders.


APCO Twister - this is a wing you certainly remember. It was one of the pioneers on the ACRO scene and definitely one of the most desirable wings.

Play 42 MKII

A tool of choice for professional tandem pilots.

Play 42 UL

We are proud to announce a beefed up and heavily reinforced version of Play 42 MKII for loads up to 340 kg. Play 42 UL built to accommodate the majority of paramotor trikes on the market.

Fun 42 MKIII

The time has come to make our tandem wing, the popular FUN 42 MKII into an even better, safer, more responsive and much more fun to fly - in a word FUN 42 MKIII.


The Prima 4, Karma/Karma SP, Thrust and Vista are all available as Paramotor (P/M) wings. The risers can be fitted with specially designed trimmers. The Karma provides the ideal learning platform for the novice paramotor pilot. The Thrust is already well known for its impeccable launching characteristics and superior performance. The Thrust HP is a purpose-built high-performance paramotoring wing suited only for motorized flight and the Vista is an exellent paramotor wing.

Note: Don't forget to specify that you want a paramotor version when you order.

查詢 Enquiry: Kenneth, +852 9203 1889, ama8801@yahoo.com.hk 


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