宗旨: 推廣滑翔傘運動, 鼓勵安全飛傘。

Mission: Promote paragliding, encourage safe flying.

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SOL Paragliders
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查詢 Enquiry: Kenneth, +852 9203 1889, ama8801@yahoo.com.hk

SOL Paragliders



LTF/EN-A, School/Beginner

The START ONE is a new wing project especially tailored to the beginners in our sport to help them get started.

The wing is designed primarily for teaching but also suitable for pilots who are particularly concerned on safety. You can learn on this wing, create confidence in flying, continue to develop in the sport to traverse with safety all key stages of paragliding. <<more..>>

Prymus Four

LTF/EN-A, School to Intermediate

The new Prymus Four is destined for newcomers and regular or sporadic pilots who prioritize safety and precision all the time.

It allows to feel the magic of flying, to benefit from thermals and updrafts enhancing step by step your flying skills.<<more..>>


Atmus One

LTF/EN-B, School to Intermediate

The Atmus One is an EN/LTF B placed between our Prymus and Ellus series. It attends pilots who leave school as also entering to the B category, where the pilot continues developing his flying skills performing great flights with trust and security.

The Atmus One is a brand new project based on our more than 20 years experience, coupled with cutting edge software.

As a result of the continuous evolution of the new projects big differences of performance and demands are present in the same certification category. <<more..>>

Ellus Five

LTF/EN-B, Beginner to intermediate

SOL Ellus Five - the choice for a world of possibilities

The all new Ellus Five, certificated with LTF/EN B, is an evolution within the "Ellus-Family", the fith generation. With his improved characteristics of handling and performance, glide, speed and stability the new Ellus Five is the perfect paraglider for pilots who want to consolidate the thermal flight and like to go on distance for many km without leaving the paraglider-category.

The Ellus Five has its position above the gliders destinated for the entry to the level B, he offers clearly much more performance.<<more..>>

Synergy Five

LTF/EN-C, Intermediate to experienced

The Synergy Five is a resultant of further development from the concept of the 1-line SOL One and 2-line TR2 projects paired with the application of a new calculation and simulation software.

The outcome is a compact and lighter wing that is pleasant to fly and impress with its extraordinary performance potential in the category.

The Synergy Five is certified LFT / EN C and its target group are thermal proven pilots with initial cross flight experience, upgrader from the LTF / EN B class as well as ambitious long distance pilots. <<more..>>


LTF/EN-C, Experienced to Competition

With the new LOTUS One we present a wing of the latest evolutionary stage, in which all our technologies find specific application. The result is a pure performance wing for the competitive pilot.

One of its prime disciplines is the first-class climbing, even in weak thermals. Since we spend about 50% of our flight time circling in thermals, therefore the LOTUS One was designed specifically for optimum thermal response - the wing bite into the weakest thermals and convert them immediately into distance.

The LOTUS One is a wing where, deliberately, were not maxed out all possibilities due to aggressive trim. It targets the group of experienced pilots who annually carry out many hours of airtime and go about big tasks. Numerous test flights have shown: compared in performance, the LOTUS One has no need to hide from D wings. <<more..>>

Tracer TR2

Competition Load

2 Lines Conception

The TR2 Expedition is the result of a new conception in competition wings. It offers a vast evolution in performance and stability in high speed.

It is targeted only to very experienced pilots who search for excellent results in competitions and distance flights <<more..>>

Sonic 3D

Acro Load

Pure action for experts in acrobatics and freestyle

The Sonics are known since 2008 as one of the leaders of the candles circuits and world events of acrobatics in the world.

The new version has rigid splints 2014 at the leading edge, is built entirely with the new WTX40 fabrics.

The history of results shows the potential of the Sonic 3D:

Consecutive leader from the circuit and world rankings during 3 years and more than 20 titles in international events.

Sonic 3D, as well as other paragliders of acrobatics, are intended for experienced pilots and set with the "Freestyle" and Stunt-its use is specific and the skills required are specific. <<more..>>


Tandem LTF/EN-B

The KUAT ONE is a completely new project, easy to fly with a simple handling, a notable performance gain and an innovative design.

This glider is directed to professional tandem pilots as for licensed leisure pilots, too, who fly for fun with friends and family, enjoying the pure pleasure of flying.

Offered in two sizes, the KUAT ONE is a LTF/EN B Tandem-class wing and requires the experience of qualified pilots for this purpose.

It´s efficiency and accuracy are similar to a modern B class glider, offering highest performance in even small thermals. <<more..>>

Kangaroo 3

Tandem LTF 2

The Kangaroo 3 is the result of the difficult job to top the performance of its predecessor Kangaroo 2 which innovated the canopy conception for tandem flights.

The Kangaroo 2 is a symbol for world records, a tandem wing that outperforms in output and resources among the offered ones on the market. For the successor any of the well known trademarks couldn't be ignored : easy take off, climb performance in even smallest thermals, smooth handling and easy landing characteristics. <<more..>>

查詢 Enquiry: Kenneth, +852 9203 1889, ama8801@yahoo.com.hk 


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